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An Avid Hunter Gives Back to His Alma Mater

July 2013

"Lindsey Wilson, a senior at Fort Hays State University, has received the Base Camp Leasing Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year. 'Scholarships have significantly contributed to my success as an undergraduate student, and thanks to Steve Meng and Base Camp Leasing, I am one step closer to my career goals,' said Lindsey."

See FHSU Press Release...


Want to Rent Land for Hunting? Call Base Camp to Manage It.

By Susan Blower

Hoosier grain and cattle farmer Terry Hillman has found another source of income from his land: He rents to hunters through Base Camp leasing. "It's been nothing but positive," said Hillman.

Learn how you can easily increase the income your land generates...


Scott Bestul of Field & Stream Magazine explains the process of procuring a hunting lease.

Great Deer Hunting

By Scott Bestul, Field & Stream

Why are more and more whitetail fanatics renting real estate? Because, chosen carefully and managed properly, a deer lease can provide the finest hunting of your life, at a cost that won't put you in the hock.

Here's how to get your own ground before next season...


As seen in Country Folks, this article explains the benefits of hunting leases for both hunters and landowners.

Base Camp Leasing Expands Into 24 States

Country Folks, July 18, 2011

Time was when you could park your car by the side of the road, amble up to the farmer's house to get permission, and be granted the right to hunt wildlife in his woods. That quaint scenario is not so common today.

Here's how Base Camp Leasing benefits hunters, landowners, and local communities...


This article tells of one man's success with deer hunting leases.

The Unexpected Buck

By Robert R. Rogers,

The 2008 Ohio archery season started out warm and the deer were not moving as much as we had hoped. Just walking to our stands made the sweat roll down our faces and backs. This was not the weather we had expected for central Ohio in late October.

Two friends and I had taken a chance and leased a property in Ohio...


This OSU article ranks their top 10 of all Farm Science Review exhibits and seminars, including Base Camp Leasing!

Top 10 Things to See at This Year's Farm Science Review

Melanie Wilt & Chuck Gamble,, Sep 9, 2011

While more than 600 exhibits and dozens of seminars will appeal to a wide array of interests, Farm Science Review Manager Chuck Gamble recommends 10 exhibits and topic areas nobody should miss...

[Hint: Base Camp Leasing is one of them!]

Read Chuck's 10 "must see" exhibits, topic areas, and seminars at Farm Science Review 2011

Farm Science Review 2011 Website


This Farm Show article explains the benefits of leasing your land to hunters through Base Camp Leasing.

Service Offers Stress-Free Leasing Of Hunting Land

Farm Show, Vol. 35, Issue 5, 2011

If you own land that has wildlife and you aren't using it, leasing it to a group of hunters could net you $7.50 to $22.50 per acre annually. And Base Camp Leasing will take care of the paperwork and liability insurance for you.

Read how Base Camp Leasing takes the hassles out of leasing your land to hunters...