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Western Michigan Leasing Agent

Jeff was born and raised near the Lake Michigan lake shore where he grew up in a small town where working on local farms was the norm. He began hunting small game with his father at a very early age and couldn't wait until he could hunt deer for the first time at age 14. He credits his love of the outdoors to having grown up in a rural community. In the last 34 years, Jeff has hunted all over Michigan; from grouse hunting the western edge of the Upper Peninsula to bow hunting on Drummond Island, and from rifle hunting the Traverse City area to pheasant hunting Lenwee County in the southeast corner of the Lower Peninsula. During his travels, he is always looking for good Michigan land to introduce into the Base Camp leasing program.

Along with chasing whitetail deer, Jeff spends countless hours afield hunting rabbits, grouse, woodcock, pheasants, ducks and geese. He gets the most enjoyment from introducing someone to hunting or taking them to that special hunting spot. Jeff can help you find just the right Michigan hunting lease.

Jeff has been a Michigan police officer for 23 years. He knows how important it is for landowners to receive respect and communication when it comes to their property and how important it is for hunters to have a safe and comfortable place to hunt. When he isnít working, he can usually be found somewhere in Michigan sitting in a tree, scouting hunting property or following his bird dog Gipper. He currently resides in west Michigan with his wonderful wife Jane and three sons, who all enjoy the outdoors.

If you have questions about finding that perfect piece of property to lease for yourself, Jeff can be reached at or by phone at 616-690-8291.

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