Our Newest Hunting Properties Available for Lease | Base Camp Leasing http://www.basecampleasing.com/land/hunting-land-for-lease.htm Copyright 2018 Base Camp Leasing Our newest hunting lands for lease are listed here. To view driving directions or contact the leasing agent for a hunting property lease you are interested in, just click the link for the property and then log into the website (if you're not yet a member, signup is easy!). Tuesday, 11 December 2018 00:00:00 EST Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST steve@basecampleasing.com 60 http://www.basecampleasing.com/favicon.ico <![CDATA[Base Camp Leasing ]]> Stoddard County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6012/Stoddard-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html This is a very nice 84 acre honey hole not far from Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in Stoddard County, Missouri. Good woods that crisscross through and around the property, making it a great travel corridor for those big bucks on the move. There is a couple small secluded fields that will be perfect for any setup you want. This property is easy to access and just secluded enough to make this property attractive to any hunter. Camping & ATV's are allowed during hunting seasons / motels close. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6012 Gibson County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/3723/Gibson-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Deer and ducks. Shallow lake on the northeast corner offers some excellent waterfowl hunting. Classified forest with cropland around it will make for some great whitetail hunting. Property adjoins the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge. Owner will post the property. The blue outlined area is currently being mined for coal so there will be activity on that part of the property. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 3723 Taylor County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6703/Taylor-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Forty diverse acres in Taylor County that has been a favorite hunting destination of the landowners family. Family has moved away and thus it is time to have someone else enjoy the land. Center of property is very dense and can be wet at times, but the two pockets of more mature timber should make for numerous stand locations around it. Agricultural land that borders this property on the east side should help provide everything a deer needs to call this place home. The flock of turkeys in listing was taking along this Ag field during my inspection of the property. Landowner is putting in a culvert on the northwest corner of the property giving you access to park and camp. Landowner encourages you to use the property for camping whenever you want to. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. No food plots as there really is not any open areas for these. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6703 Ozark County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6900/Ozark-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html 400 acres in Ozark County that just might be that southern Missouri honey hole people are looking for. This farm is perfect for a group of hunters looking to harvest good deer without having to travel deep into Missouri. The property consists of oaks, cedar glades, and pasture grasses. Cattle are present on this farm and can be moved away from the woods during the hunting season, if you coordinate it with the landowner. Great fishing in the area (Bull Shoals Lake) and hotels/resorts close by. Branson is 50 miles away for those that choose to vacation and hunt. Landowner requires good communication from the hunters Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6900 Douglas County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7223/Douglas-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html This has the looks of a great all around NE Kansas Sportsman’s property. It will offer you the water activities on the south end and the wooded activities on the north end. There are three ponds that I thought looked good for fishing, and several more that could be sleepers. These ponds should also be good for jumping some ducks or even early season dove. There are some decent woods up on the north end, and scattered brush and weedy fence lines throughout the property. Cattle will be present in the north pasture, but upon inspection, they have had little impact on the cover. It was still plenty thick. There are also several brushy areas that cattle do not get into scattered around the property. A few horses will be in a small area on the NE side. The remainder of the property is a combination of crops and grass sod. Conveniently located right off Highway 56, and less than 40 miles from downtown Kansas City. ***The owner has some friends that may come out a few times a year to fly some model glider planes on the east side of the property. He hasn’t talked to them in quite a while, so he wasn’t sure if they still wanted to do that. ***Do not drive over the irrigation pipes!!! Deer Unit 10 Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7223 Posey County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7375/Posey-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html A nice little south western Indiana farm with opportunities for multiple species. Farm is mostly row crops but located in a very low traffic area and should provide some great opportunities for whitetail and waterfowl. The northern section has a nice row of trees separating the large crop field from the smaller one and should provide a natural funnel for deer moving through. The new rifle law in Indiana will really help when setting up for deer. You could set in the middle of the south section and cover the entire field if a deer tried to cross from one side to the other. This area can produce some absolute giants and during the rut you never know what might step out. Lease is less than 2 miles from the Wabash River that seperates Indiana from Illinois and should have some good waterfowl hunting. If the conditions are right there will be some standing water out in the crop fields after they are picked to give you the chance at some good duck hunting. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7375 Osage County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8432/Osage-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Located just minutes south of Topeka, this looks like it could be a good waterfowl lease. At least according to the neighbor that is always asking to hunt the lake. On the day of inspection, I busted at least a hundred ducks off the main body of the pond, and back in one of the coves. Meanwhile, a couple flocks of geese were flying low overhead. Other species may be hunted, and possibly some fishing, after the owner gets comfortable with you. He has cattle on the property, but once fall rolls around they stay up in the NE corner for the most part. Access will be through the gate in the SW corner. Please keep driving on the property to a minimum, and preferably by an ATV. The owner burns the grass every spring, so please keep this in mind if you set up any blinds or leave equipment out. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 8432 Washington County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4822/Washington-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Almost all wooded with a little horse pasture. Half was lightly timbered 8 or 9 years ago and is great bedding cover. Great big buck area, agriculture all around. ATV trails access all parts of property, landowner lives on the tract. ATV's OK for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 4822 Davidson County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7400/Davidson-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Here’s a good property very convenient for the hunter working in Nashville that allows you to bounce in and out of the stand pretty quickly. A small parcel and quite thick but holding deer. Bumped a nice 8 point during inspection. Nice section of timber on the northeast corner. Rubs, trails, and beds were all noted. Only hunted for small game in the past by the family and that was a few years ago. Persimmons and acorns were on the ground and being used by the local herd. Putting a few in the freezer should be easy here. **Literally 5-6 minutes from I-40 at Charlotte Pike** **Excellent landowners whom I know personally** **No Camping Allowed** Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7400 Grant County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6297/Grant-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html In the very southwestern corner of Wisconsin near the town of Potosi, you will find this 465 acre property. The 19 point buck pictured in the listing is proof of the quality of deer this part of the state can produce. It is rare to find a property that has both the hardwood timbered bluffs associated with this part of the state but also river bottoms like those found in less hilly parts of the midwest. The southern portion of this property is a valley with timbered ridges on both sides and a creek running through the bottom of it. This area of the property is pastured with cattle. On the eastern side, the Platte River makes up a majority of that border and is where the river bottom type terrain is located. On the northern side is row crops and timbered draws that make for great pinch points and stand locations. Access is primarily from the west side along the road pictured in the listing that runs the length of the valley on the southern side of the property. Northern side access is primarily walk in until the crops are off. Landowner also recently put in approximately 30 acres on eastern side of property into the Monarch Butterfly program which is basically very similar to CRP. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is also okay, but landowner will not tolerate any motorized vehicles being driven on crops. He is a really great guy, but has had issues in the past with previous hunters with this and is the primary reason why he came to Base Camp. Camping and food plots are okay with permission from landowner on location. He would also like your make of vehicle and license plate number so that he can help make sure no one other than you is on the property. No picking of ginseng is allowed. Landowner also has the right to trap and hunt coon and coyotes in order to help keep their numbers in check. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6297 Emmet County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7061/Emmet-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is one of those places I have driven past for years and though what a neat place it would be to hunt. The farm is perched up on a high hill looking over a private lake with an incredible view. The lease consists of two parcels. The main section is a 132 acre farm area. Due to the large number of deer in the area there is a high fence around some of the crops to keep the deer out. Hunting would be around the south edge and west edge of the fence. A bonus part of the lease is about 14 acres of thick wooded property right on the north shore of a private lake. It has lots of good thick bedding areas along with some nice trees for hanging stands. Also, If you like to hunt waterfowl or fish this will give you good access to the secluded shoreline of this popular lake. One really great thing about this lease is a 146 acres of a conservancy property right along the west side. It is open to hunting with a permit from the conservancy, but it is hardly ever hunted because of very limited access. This lease would give you great easy access to that property. The lease is bow only hunting on the main farm east of west fence line and on the parcel next to the lake. This is for the peace and safety of the neighbors. The bow only area is outlined in yellow on the map. You will be able to rifle hunt on the western edge and duck hunt along the shoreline. The owner is a great guy and lives right there so he can keep an eye on things. He has a really nice rental house on the property with an unbelievable view overlooking the lease and lake which may be available if you check with him after you lease. Camping will be allowed but only in a spot designated by the owner. He asks that there is no ATV use or fires unless you get specific instructions and permission from him. The owner is a local farmer. He has some crop damage antlerless permits that you can use. Check the directions for multiple ways to access the property. Saturday, 1 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7061 Crawford County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5544/Crawford-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html This farm is what you call a true honey hole! Landowner has the only crops for miles around and the Deer & Turkey know it. Landowner sometimes plants alfalfa / wheat mix along with beans just about every year. In the past years good mature deer have been harvested on this farm. The bordering properties have shot 150+ class deer, and in my opinion those deer are being drawn to this area by the food on this lease. Landowner lives on this farm and always notices numerous deer in his fields. Landowner might have storage for the ATVs or a camper / There is an RV camping resort right across the road from this farm / ATV's for hunting related tasks. Deer & Turkey lease only / Hotels really close in Cuba, Missouri. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 5544 Guernsey County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6178/Guernsey-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html 63 acres of regenerating woods. Good bedding cover with agriculture in the area. Several good access points. This property holds a lot of deer and should produce some big bucks. Limited ATV use for hunting purposes only. No campers. Saturday, 1 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6178 Gentry County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6332/Gentry-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Just getting to this property you can tell the whole area is full of deer. 160 acres that is much longer than it is wide, but is in the right location. Big row crops to the west and a giant bedding ground to the east has this property in the right location to have every deer in the neighborhood on your property at some point in time. It will not take you long to figure out this is the place for you. Act quick it will not last long. Saturday, 1 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6332 Sullivan County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8430/Sullivan-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a really nice producing farm over the years in the good buck category. CRP farm, with just the right amount of woods to funnel the deer right by your deer stand. Perfect for bow or gun in my book. Sullivan County is definitely a destination county for those once in a lifetime bucks, everyone seeks. (CRP) Conservation Reserve Program The purpose of the program is to reduce land erosion, improve water quality and effect wildlife benefits. There are several requirements in maintaining the CRP fields Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 8430 Cooper County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5247/Cooper-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html This is the kind of farm I love to inspect with deer just about everywhere I went! Big row crops with the perfect amount of hard woods for three hunters. North Central and Cooper County have always been a stand out county for big deer. Landowner lives close and keeps a good watch over this property. The green square on the aerial is not part of this lease. This is a DEER LEASE ONLY! Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 5247 Price County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7861/Price-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Deer and turkey hunting lease with cabin. Just south of Catawba lies this 40 acre property that includes a cabin for you to stay in during your hunting trips to the property. Don't be fooled by the aerial as there is plenty of cover and the amount of deer sign I found during my inspection was very good. There were at least half a dozen large trails coming out of the northeastern section of the property into the agricultural fields and numerous fresh beds along the edge of this as well. Cabin does not have electricity or water, but does have propane for the cooking stove and heater. Lights could be hooked up to this as well. It will be nice and cozy and have that hunting camp type feel to it. There is no lock on the cabin presently, so if you put a lock on it please make sure to get the landowner a key as well. Landowners only request is that you clean up after yourselves when you leave. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease only. Use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Food plots allowed with permission from the landowner. Use of cabin for hunting related activities included. No screw in tree steps allowed. Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 7861 Spencer County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7907/Spencer-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html One look at this farm and you will see the potential that it has to produce some great deer. 50 acres of CRP and access to public ground that puts you 3/4 of a mile ahead of the next guy. I jumped multiple deer while inspecting and saw 2 different groups of turkeys. Landowner has currently applied in 2017 to re-enroll CRP areas for another long term contract. If they can't get it approved they will be converting those acres into row crops. Property is adjoined on the West by Little Pigeon Creek Wetland Conservation Area and to the East by a section of Lincoln State Park that is no hunting. Access to the conservation area is tough from the public access point. There are a couple swamps and sloughs you would have to cross to get to the high ground that you will have direct access to walk right into. Spencer county has good harvest numbers and is very remote with not a lot of hunting pressure. *ATV use for hunting purposes only and you must keep them on the existing roads throughout property * camp sites available just 5 minutes away at Lincoln State Park, Hotels within 15 minutes. *Property has some oil wells on it that maintenance crews will have access to throughout the year Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 7907 Sullivan County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8431/Sullivan-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html I like this farm a lot! The day of inspection there were deer by the pond and right as I pulled into the field a 130's class buck ran in front of my truck....The pictures over the years definitely prove that the big bucks like cruising this farm in the fall. CRP in the fields with a good chunk of woods and cover to satisfy the wildlife needs. In my book, Sullivan County is one of those counties that always produces every year! (CRP) Conservation Reserve Program The purpose of the program is to reduce land erosion, improve water quality and effect wildlife benefits. There are several requirements in maintaining the CRP fields Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 8431 Vigo County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6907/Vigo-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html A nice little hunting lease in a great area of Indiana that has some really good genetics. I know it's only 25 acres but you will kill deer on this lease. There is power line running through the eastern half and some really good terrain features that the deer will be using to bed and move through on the west side. Easy access along the road and plenty of area to spread out on for a few guys. I jumped 3 deer off the back ridge and I know there are more deer that are bedded up here overlooking the creek bottoms that run along the backside of this lease. Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 6907 Cleveland County North Carolina Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7405/Cleveland-County-North Carolina-Hunting-Lease.html Here is 21 acres in Cleveland County, North Carolina for lease. I was impressed by the deer sign and trails I seen during my inspection. Along the creek would be a great spot to catch that cruising buck. Part of the timber is younger and thick, which is great bedding. But, there is also plenty of mature timber, especially along the creek. I seen several nice oaks on the property. This will make a nice smaller lease and it is only a few miles from property #7406. They both belong to the same landowner and they would make a great lease combined. ATV use is for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 7405 Fall River County South Dakota Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6278/Fall River-County-South Dakota-Hunting-Lease.html This western SD lease has a lot of opportunity. Covering over two miles east to west, there will be plenty of spots to spread out and hunt. The Hat Creek flows along the western property line of this ranch. The Hat Creek is known for producing some of the biggest Whitetails, and Mule Deer in this area. This ranch has some very nice rough cover that will hold deer and provide great hunting. During the inspection, I spotted over 100 grouse in the area. The whole ranch is great upland bird hunting, so bring your dog and shotguns. Antelope also call this area home and may be hunted on the ranch. If you’re looking for Grouse, Mule Deer, Whitetail, and Antelope, this is the perfect ranch for you. Camping is allowed. I only recommend 3-4 guys rifle hunting deer at one time. I put a max of 5 hunters on the lease for the grouse hunting. Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 6278 Dodge County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6599/Dodge-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Just north of Milwaukee, near the town of Allenton, you will find this 80 acre deer and turkey hunting lease. Pictures of the bucks in the listing were not taken on this property but were within half a mile or so of it. This area of the state is really starting to produce some great whitetails as evidenced by the pictures. Landowner has not allowed anyone to hunt this parcel but did state both of those bucks were seen on this property. What the property lacks in overall timber it makes up for in both water and crops. It certainly would appear this property is more of a transitional area for deer, but standing corn can be just as good of a bedding area for deer as the thickest of woods can be. Transitional areas also tend to be a bit easier to hunt as you do not have to worry as much about how you enter and exit the property. Put in your time and I have little doubt your tags can be filled on this hunting lease. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities when weather and ground conditions permit is okay. Camping is okay with permission from landowner as to when and where. Food plots are not allowed as any open ground is already in crops. Landowner would like your make and license plate numbers of vehicles so he can help keep a watchful eye on things when you are not there. Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 6599 Hardin County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7762/Hardin-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html I really liked the looks of this Hardin County Tennessee Deer and Turkey Lease. Good timber, but has some cedar and pines stands in the deal. Hunt thick or more open timber. Property lays nicely and should be easy to hunt physically. Good trails, a few beds and old rubs noted. Borders a very young clear cut on one side that has little to no cover so they’ll be spending more time on you during daylight hours. Hardin County boasts a nice herd size along with some good bucks being taken annually. **FYI There was timber harvested on this tract in 2018** **Tons of road frontage for numerous entry points on the property** **46 Bucks with 11 points or better in 2016 harvested in this county** **Located near the Henderson/Hardin county line** **Closest lodging in Savannah TN** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **Stands may exist on property, use at own risk** Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 7762 Steuben County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6202/Steuben-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html 217 acres of prime goose and deer hunting. Property is located in Steuben County, DMP unit 8T. Don't be fooled by the lack of visible cover; the area along the Canisteo River holds a lot of deer. The highway and river act as a natural corridor for rutting whitetails. There are swampy areas on both the north and south ends of the property. I observed seven whitetails feeding in the soybeans during my inspection. Deer tracks were highly visible in the mud. Archery hunting along field edges early season will produce a lot of action. Landowner reports seeing deer in his crops daily. The number of geese on this parcel is overwhelming. Early goose season opens September 1st; lessees should bring a lot of ammunition. It's my understanding that once crops are harvested both ducks and geese frequent the property. The lease is easy to navigate. It has a well maintained roads through the center of parcel. Areas on the northern half of the property are pastured and will contain cattle at different times of the year. Lessees should exercise caution and not discharge firearms near the cattle. Landowner will allow ATV use for game recovery. Please refrain from driving on crop fields. Landowner is willing to rent his cabin to lessees if they desire. This is not part of my listing agreement and price will be set by landowner. It's located about 10 minutes from property and borders Turkey Ridge State Forest. Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 6202 Hickman County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6870/Hickman-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Another awesome Hickman County, Tennessee Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease is now available for you. Only minutes from I-40 and easy to access with no shortage of game. Has only had light hunting pressure in the past. Fields and broken woodlots near the interstate, with a very large section of timberland to the north. Much of the neighboring property is in clear cut pines which should make for some excellent stand locations along the edges. Noted an old rub line along the creek near the south side of property. Saw a nice group of turkeys in one of the fields. No shortage of stand locations here. Saw rubs and droppings during my inspection. **Please leave gates as you find them on this working cattle farm.** **Local lodging available at Exit 152 Bucksnort.** **There are stands in place, use at own risk.** Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 6870 Columbus County North Carolina Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7896/Columbus-County-North Carolina-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a nice 41 acre lease in Columbus County North Carolina. A lot of the property is grown cutover. There is some bigger timber on some of the edges. With a little trimming work this could make a nice lease. The deer are going to bed on your lease and go to the neighbors to eat. The trail that was cut through some of the cutover was covered in deer sign. Make some more trails and have the deer going where you want them to go. The lease does cross over the gravel road where you can park. Just make sure you are parking on the section that is included in the lease. -ATV use for hunting purposes only. -No where to camp on this lease. -Trimming a few ATV paths ok. Saturday, 1 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7896 Sumner County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7363/Sumner-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Located only FIVE miles from the Oklahoma border, this looks like a great farm for you guys coming up from the south. Two branches of a creek provide the woods on both sides of this crop field, plus a wide hedgerow along the southeast corner. The owner has rifle hunted this in the past, and had two shooting houses built. With a little elbow grease the one on the west side could be brought back to life without much effort. The one on the east blew over, but the base is still there if somebody wanted to rebuild. He has shot several very nice bucks off of this farm in the past, and has claimed to have seen huge herds roaming the area. I don’t doubt him, after seeing the large amount of deer tracks around the property. This is an area known for large amounts of deer. This lease is located in Deer unit 15, which typically is one of the easiest units to get tags in. Saturday, 8 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7363 Monroe County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7565/Monroe-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Previously a working dairy farm now shut down, this beautiful Monroe County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease is the perfect place for you and your hunting party. Very nice fields of clover, and crops may be grown here. There was plenty of tracks and trails all over the entire property. Found rubs and a few beds throughout the lease. Nice creeks flowing through here so water is never an issue. Gated property keeps out the unwanted. You will love how easy this will be to hunt. Great for box or tower blinds. **Landowner assistance with food plots, consult him** **Great spot for RV, water and electric possible, consult landowner** **Be respectful of fields with ATV use** **Unlimited stand locations throughout** **12 cows kept near the front, don't hunt around them please** **Leave all gates as you find them** Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00:00 EST 7565 Gladwin County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7853/Gladwin-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html What a great spot to hunt less than an hour from Saginaw and just 5 minutes from the I-75 exit. I really like how this one is positioned with neighboring properties. It is wooded and thick for miles to the south with lots of farms and crops right across the road to the north. It’s a rectangular 80 acres with a few big red pines just off the road and along the edges. There are some grassy areas and some wet areas. Once you get through the first set of trees it opens to an old clear cut with patches of trees filling in nicely. The back forty is very thick and wooded. This is the kind of place where bucks go to hide and grow old. You could clear a place to ambush them in the woods or do what the owner did back when he hunted and pick them off when the step out to feed along the field edge. While walking this property, I noted several deer runs, old buck rubs and some nice deer beds especially in the south-east corner of the clearing. It is very thick there to get into the woods so I would suggest starting in on the south west corner where the trees are more mature and there is an old marked pathway to a blind that looks like it hasn’t been used in many years. There is a comfortable trailer home on site that the owner says you can use while hunting as long as you keep it clean and be respectful. It has four bunk beds, a living room, bathroom and kitchen area. He would like to limit your use of the trailer to 4 weeks in the fall for deer hunting and one in the spring for turkey season. The heat and water will be shut off by December 1. Camping and ATV use for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 1 December 2018 00:00:00 EST 7853