Our Newest Hunting Properties Available for Lease | Base Camp Leasing http://www.basecampleasing.com/land/hunting-land-for-lease.htm Copyright 2018 Base Camp Leasing Our newest hunting lands for lease are listed here. To view driving directions or contact the leasing agent for a hunting property lease you are interested in, just click the link for the property and then log into the website (if you're not yet a member, signup is easy!). Sunday, 23 September 2018 00:00:00 EST Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST steve@basecampleasing.com 60 http://www.basecampleasing.com/favicon.ico <![CDATA[Base Camp Leasing ]]> Eau Claire County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7330/Eau Claire-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Sanctuary! That is exactly what I thought this property might be after my inspection. This property has two dead end roads on both the northern and southern sides of this property, along with the Chippewa River being the western boundary. This area is basically a suburban type setting that I truly believe deer will feel comfortable calling their home. The unique shape of the agricultural field surrounded by timbered ground also should make for numerous inside corner and pinch point type stand locations. From the heavy deer trails found crossing this field, one can only assume that this could be a special deer hunting lease. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease only. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner but should be no till in nature. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities when weather and ground condition permit but no driving on crops until after harvested. No camping allowed. Cutting of brush and limbs to be minimal without affecting aesthetics of the property. Supply make and license plates of vehicles to Wisconsin Leasing Agent. Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7330 Richardson County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6521/Richardson-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html This is an impressive property in southeast Nebraska in an area known to produce quality whitetails, plus it is only 2-miles from the Kansas border. I spotted about 20 turkeys and plenty of deer sign on the property. The landowner is concerned about deer damage to crops and would like deer harvested. Two (or maybe three) hunters at one time would take up the best deer hunting spots. This piece was enrolled in CRP, but it is expiring and the landowner will be cropping all areas except the trees. The landowner has cleared a few of the trees that were over hanging along the edge of the crop fields. Areas that are grass in the pictures will be row crops. This could make the property even more of a deer magnet. Respectful ATV use permitted. Lodging nearby in Fall City, NE or Pawnee City, NE. Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6521 Atchison County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7764/Atchison-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Evidently big racks are no big deal in this area. It seemed like every time I turned my head, there was a pile of them in a bucket, heaped up in a corner or scattered amongst the equipment. If those were mine, several of them would be hanging on a wall somewhere. Just ask my wife… The quality is no surprise. The properties to the north are owned by the county and a private company, and the last I knew, neither allow hunting. That is great news for whomever leases this farm, as pressure should be minimal. The property to the west was not hunted either, but it just sold, so keep your fingers crossed on that one. There is a lot more elevation change than one would expect by just looking at the aerial picture. Most of the good hunting spots are hidden from any house or road. The northwest 80 is obviously where most of your hunting will be concentrated. You will be very hard pressed to find a better spot than that back corner. The crops fall down into a little bit of hay ground with a woody ridge adjacent to the bigger woods along the creek. Plus, there is a tri-pod stand already set up for you (as always, use stands at your own risk). The owner specifically stated several times not to overlook the east 80. He says he sees deer over there all the time. The rolling hills, washouts and drainages along the creek will make for lots of hiding spots and travel corridors. This property has only been lightly hunted in the past. They owners decided to give up the hunting rights because they don’t really hunt much, and can find other places to go if they decide to. All the houses on the property belong to a member of the owner’s family, except the house in the north part of the east 80. Cattle will be somewhere on the property year-round, but NEVER in the north 80, and by mid fall they will all be in pens on the south part of the property, and out of anywhere you would want to hunt. Located just a couple of miles west of Atchison, and less than an hour from Kansas City. Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7764 Edmonson County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7805/Edmonson-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Pretty sweet farm here guys and one you need to see to appreciate. The fields along the west side are fully fenced and have about 25-30 cows in them. Outside the fence, you have lots of woodland all to yourself. Walked up on 2 deer on a point while looking over the farm and saw a few turkeys. Gate allows access to logging road that runs perimeter. Saw trails, tracks and enough sign to get anyone pumped. Also, found some great stand locations. Pond and creek on the property. Plenty of oaks and a few persimmons on the property. Someone could kill a really good buck here I believe! **Gated and locked, call agent for combo** **Landowner nearby so good eyes on the property** **Check out the pics of Landowner's Buck killed very close to you** **ATV use OK, hunting purposes only** Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7805 Hayes County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8349/Hayes-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html HUNT, HUNT, and HUNT this thrilling1500 acres! Spot and stalk, what would be more fun than that!? Indulge in seemingly endless canyon pockets or put yourself on top of a lookout with a spotting scope and plan your attack when big daddy steps out and exposes his hideout. Easy access from the road puts you right into the action and plenty of secluded habitat and topography keeps you on the hunt. Agriculture in the area will give you a chance to pattern deer early and late in the season and during the rut.....well who knows what giants it will expose! Whitetail concentrate in this area because of cover, crops, and very close river bottom. Mule deer spend their days bedded in canyon hillsides with the wind in their faces and sun at their backs. Both deer species will be chasing throughout this property as the rut challenges the biggest bucks to come out into the open. As I drove away from this property at last light the deer were stepping out of the corn fields in huge numbers with no shortage of bucks. One buck I saw was in the 160's and better with his velvet hanging off his impressive rack. Enjoy this beautiful Nebraska trophy filled lease! Great history from this ranch and the family as you can see in the photos. With a statewide archery tag you can harvest a mule deer in this area without a draw permit. Landowner message: The north canyon row crop field always draws in big whitetail. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8349 Benton County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8348/Benton-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Great little property perfect for a couple hunters wanting to harvest deer & turkey on a regular basis. Plenty of logging roads throughout the property will make it easy to move around quietly and undetected. I jumped three different deer day of inspection and there was a fair amount of fresh deer sign, right after a heavy rain. Landowner does have a storage rental facility on the western side of the lease along Hwy T. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8348 Vernon County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6096/Vernon-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Nice little honey hole with just the right amount of woods and fields to have success. Landowner lives close and always notices deer and turkey year after year on his property. As long as I have been the leasing agent in Missouri Vernon county has always been known for good quality deer and turkey hunting. Act fast because this property will not last long. This property is close to Kansas if one wanted that two state hunt opportunity. Deer & Turkey lease only Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6096 Otsego County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7829/Otsego-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 63 acre hunting lease available in Ostego County, New York. This property is located about 10 miles from Oneonta, New York and lies in WMU (4F). The landowner is a non-hunter and purchased property for gas rights many years ago. He has not permitted hunting on property. On my inspection I saw tremendous deer sign. The property is covered in active trails, tracks and deer beds. There is a hidden overgrown field you cannot see from the road that would make awesome food plots. The property has a small creek and ravine just after the over grown field from the access road. There were several apple trees along the edge of this field as well as some fresh deer beds. I found several old logging trails that made easy walking. This is a deep property which is part of a big woods. The landowner would allow the leasers to open up an ATV trail from the access road to the logging trails. No one has kept any trails open in a long time. The field was brush hogged last year. The landowner would encourage posting of the property. You will be allowed to use an ATV and open up a trail for hunting purposes only. This property has great potential for a really good buck. There is no where to park a camper and you would have to park along the road. This property is loaded with fresh deer sign! Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7829 Sandusky County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7270/Sandusky-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html This is just a nice property close to Clyde Ohio for a small group from Toledo, Fremont or Cleveland area. This property has eleven acres of woods and a fence row on the south end. Typical flat country, but woods is full of oaks and hardwoods. Fields are in row crops. When bucks are travelling from one woodlot to another during rut you could score big. Also, a great place for that gun stand. Note: There is a kid’s fort and some bike trails in woods from previous owner. Trails should make for great access but I would post woods fairly heavy. Respectful ATV use ok for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7270 Cheboygan County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6905/Cheboygan-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is a nice little secluded 40 acres for a couple of guys looking to hunt in northeastern Michigan. Most of the property is high and dry but the corner of it has a creek running through it which can get a little wet. There is some young aspen mixed with pine around the edges. The interior is an old overgrown field filled with some pines and lots of apple trees. It is quite a bit thicker than it looks in the aerial photo. Upon inspection, I found quite a few new rubs and scrapes especially near the apple trees. It looks like it will also provide some pretty good turkey hunting in the spring. Parking for the property will be on the road or on an easement through the neighboring property. It’s a short walk from there to the corner of the lease. There isn’t anywhere to camp on this one. I think it would make a neat little lease for someone with access to a cabin or cottage around the Indian River or Cheboygan area. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6905 Chippewa County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7116/Chippewa-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Pictures of mature bucks in listing were taken on various properties owned by this landowner. This is proof of the QDM being done by the landowner and his neighbors in this part of Chippewa County. Mature timbered ridges and great road system are just part of the draw to this property. I also liked the agricultural land just across the road and on eastern side of the property. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping for hunting related activities okay with permission from landowner. Food plots okay with permission from landowner. Landowner would also like the make and license plates of your vehicles. Properties 7115 and 7118 are also owned by same landowner. Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7116 Branch County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7717/Branch-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html Branch County is one of the very best places to kill a big buck in Michigan. When inspecting this property I was surprised on how much cover was really here. Along the whole west side you have 20 or so acres of bedding cover, and small wooded fingers with lots of decent stand trees. Just look at the close up pictures of the deer trails in the grass!! The east side of the property has three long ditches with tons of cover along them. Plus, a small thicket at the north end and a small pond. Fields are in row crops. This property is perfectly laid out for the wind, with access from north, south and east. Plenty of connecting cover from surrounding farms should make this a hot-spot during the rut. Also, this place is the perfect hiding spot for a big mature whitetail during gun season. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7717 Clinton County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8350/Clinton-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Super farm right here BCL members! This property absolutely has it all. Deep ravines and creek bottom. High ground with hardwood timber and tillable fields. Excellent access by foot or vehicle. Tons of deer sign. Just a great find for your group. Much of the north border is the creek, and there is timber on both sides. Overall...the farm should seem to hunt even larger than 218 acres, and I would expect some mature bucks to be taken off this piece of property every year. This will be a fun farm to turkey hunt as well. It is setup just perfect. A timber harvest is expected to happen in the Fall of 2018, but most likely in December or early 2019. Stay off the fields if crops are in. No screw in steps. ATV ok for hunting related purposes only. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8350 Lewis County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8351/Lewis-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html I will say this farm was not what I expected, and I say that in a good way. It’s a cattle and horse farm for the most part in the fields and a sliver of woods they’ll use. The property is fenced and cross fenced. The cows do not have full run of property. Go through the gate up on the mountain and you’ll find what you’re looking for. It has some steep ground, but the deer are here, and this 257-ac Lewis County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting lease is waiting for you to drag out one of those big bucks the county is known for. I walked all over the mountain and saw the trails, beds, and old rubs. A neighbor along your southern border has row crops, and the activity near the line was noticeable so check it out. There is some big timber here. Properties like this help me understand why bucks can get so big in Kentucky. Needs no further description, it's Lewis County Kentucky. **Keep all gates as you find them, no exceptions** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only and wear your helmets** **Less than 5 miles from the Ohio State line** **Camping OK consult landowner for site** **May be old stands on property, use at own risk** Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8351 Lake County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8337/Lake-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This 70 acres will hunt much bigger than most camps this size. There are plenty of ridges, pinch points and low bedding areas to keep the deer here, and there are multiple places to set up. If you’re looking for something ready to go, there are three ground blinds already in place that have been productive over the years, and there is a great trail network throughout the lease connecting everything. The land is completely wooded with a variety of trees, including oaks to produce some fall acorns. A creek and pond make for a great water source. During inspection we saw a nice buck come off the ridge, where the owner said they like to bed down, and a couple turkeys out by the road. I’m sure this place will produce some great hunting. The owner is a great guy and lives right on the property, so he can keep an eye on things. He also has a relative who lives next door and may be willing to let you rent his pole barn with living quarters. This is a hunting lease only with no fishing allowed. ATV use for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8337 Lafayette County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8339/Lafayette-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a great lease in Central Missouri that would be perfect if a group needed just a little more room to spread out in Lafayette county. Parent / child will also find this property attractive with the easy access from the road and the good numbers of deer that call this farm home during dinner time. The NE section of this farm will be your sweet spot as you can tell, and the wildlife know it as well. Big section of mature woods connect to the NE corner of the lease, and this will provide a steady supply of hungry deer and rutting bucks looking for love... Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8339 Ritchie County West Virginia Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8341/Ritchie-County-West Virginia-Hunting-Lease.html This large West Virginia farm has a little bit of everything to offer! The property sits right on the Ritchie and Wood County line. The farm consists of mature hardwoods, hay fields, and overgrown fields. The entire farm has an excellent road system running through it. The landowner normally clears these roads twice a year to make sure they are in good shape. Several benches are present with lots of white oaks on them. During the inspection, I did see some oaks that were already beginning to drop mast. The deer are here too! I found several nice trails and many fresh tracks. I also jumped a group of does on one of the benches during my inspection. This farm is one of the nicest farms I have been on in West Virginia! **ATV and camping is OK for hunting purposes ONLY. **Only about 20 minutes from Parkersburg WV. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8341 Seneca County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8345/Seneca-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Nice spread out property close to Bloomville Ohio. Property has small wood lots, creek bottom, swampy areas, fingers, points and thick fence rows. There are row crops in fields, and a landowner on site to keep an eye on things. Plenty of options for stands, especially during rut when bucks are on the move. Also, due to the length of the property, you have different deer groups to hunt. Playing the wind is easy as you have access from the east, west and south. Just south of this property is a large quarry that is no hunting and should hold a few studs that will travel your way. If you are from Michigan or northwest Ohio this could be a great set-up for your group. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8345 Crawford County Pennsylvania Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4838/Crawford-County-Pennsylvania-Hunting-Lease.html 102 acres. Part of large working farm. Nice woods in back with beans upfront. Some big deer in this area as well as turkeys, geese and doves. Landowner lives just up the road. Responsible ATV use OK for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 4838 Nemaha County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8338/Nemaha-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html This is another one of those farms that looks a lot better in person than it does in the aerial picture. Upon arriving at this farm, I was surprised at severity of the undulating terrain, as I had not previously paid much attention to the topographical map. The hills on this property are much larger than expected, hiding a greater portion of the property from the road. The amount of cover along the two branches of Barnes Creek was also impressive. Instead of the small trees and bush that I was expecting, there were big mature trees towering over the creek bed, but at the same time plenty of brush and undergrowth. Once the crops are harvested, I plan to return to this property to get a better look at that back corner, but I can’t help but think that there will be some good deer activity on this property this coming fall. Deer unit 9. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8338 Trempealeau County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8342/Trempealeau-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Trempealeau County is one of the premier whitetail hunting locations in Wisconsin. Here is your chance to lease 240 secluded acres in a proven big buck producing county. An approximately 1/2 mile drivable easement off of a rustic lightly traveled road leads you to the gated entrance to this property. Good portion of the eastern and southern boundaries of this property is the Black River. One primary and a few secondary logging roads lead you through the property as shown on pictures in the listing. There is one approximately 15 acre agricultural field at northwest corner that was not rented out this year and could be a potential for food plots. I also found several other smaller locations deeper inside the timbered ground that could also be considered for food plots. It is not hard to imagine this property being a primary sanctuary type setting once the rut and hunting pressure around it starts. On one of the aerials, there is a blue line running along western boundary. This indicates a walk in type easement for another landowners property. This landowner told me that he has never seen anyone use this and after viewing it in person, I can see why. Would be a tough walk in but wanted you to be aware that there is a legal easement in this location on the property. Secondly, the landowner has given permission for the landowner with this easement to also use the primary logging road through this property outside of spring turkey and fall deer hunting season to access his property for general maintenance type activities. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping allowed for hunting related activities. Food plot allowed with permission from landowner as to location on the property. Landowner would like the make and license plates of your vehicles. Lease ends June 1st each year. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8342 Hayes County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8344/Hayes-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html Western Nebraska honey-hole for both trophy whitetail and mule deer. Hunt these thick canyons and row crops between whitetail river bottom and mule deer countryside. Row crops draw trophy deer from all directions. This property also holds these deer in the thick secluded cover. A winding road easily puts you where you need to be to ambush your monster buck. There are excellent tree stand locations for bow hunting and big canyon glassing spots to rifle hunt the thick cover below. There won't be a time of year you can't find game on this beautiful Nebraska property. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8344 Dubuque County Iowa Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8347/Dubuque-County-Iowa-Hunting-Lease.html Here is another fantastic farm in the tristate area of Dubuque, Iowa. Made up of approximately 50% woods and 50% row crops this property sits on the hills above the Mississippi river. This hunting lease is bound to hold those giant suburban deer everyone is always looking for...The row crop fields on this farm will draw wildlife for miles around when the dinner bell rings...If you’re looking for that five star hunting lease, under lock and key with fantastic hunting, look no further! ATV's and camping are allowed during hunting seasons only Zone 8 Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8347 Allegany County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/3615/Allegany-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 90 acre hunting lease available for immediate lease in Allegany County, New York. This 90 acre tract is located in the Allegany County town of Cuba. It consists of two seperate parcels- one approx. 72 acres and the other approx. 18 acres -leased as a whole. The tract is mostly wooded, and is in an area of active agricultural land. The 72 acres has been recently selectively logged. There is excellent restored logging trails (no ruts). All the trails had visible deer tracks on them. I saw a lot of deer sign on my inspection. ATV use and camping are allowed for hunting purposes only. You can post the property if you desire. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 3615 Martin County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7324/Martin-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Set up your very own Base Camp on this Indiana hunting lease! Landowner is going to be great to work with, and wants to make this farm as good as it can be for you and the wildlife. The fields were last planted in row crops in 2016 and have been converted to CRP with native grasses since 2017. The CRP on this farm will make it absolutely killer, 20' of a clover buffer on all the edges and 20' strips of clover scattered throughout the middle. Crops are nice, but CRP will hold the deer here all day long. The woods are fairly thick, but have some great oaks in there that were dropping a lot of acorns. A nice water hole in the bottom valley in the north west corner of farm holds water year round and will be a great little set up during the rut. There is a clearing by the water hole that the landowner will allow you to plant a small food plot in. There is a great spot for a camper back behind the barns up by the house. Electric is available, and landowner is fine with you leaving the camper there all season, just pick your trash up and leave it the way you found it. You will need to pay for your part of the electric bill. Across the road is a 300 acre parcel of State ground that you have great access too, and anyone else will have a long hike to get to the areas you can hunt just by walking right off the road. This is a very nice farm with a landowner that will be long term. Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7324 Stephens County Oklahoma Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7681/Stephens-County-Oklahoma-Hunting-Lease.html I drove this property, and there is good timber scattered all around the lease, with two creeks that run through the property as well. In the NW corner of the property there is a good ridge that I noticed lots of tracks coming down onto the property. The timber in the NE area had lots of sign also, and the landowner stated that one evening he set and counted 27 deer feeding in the meadow. Lots of turkey and hog tracks also on this property. Nice property to hunt, come take a look. 4 wheelers ok: Must put name on feeder and stands: Landowner must know what type vehicle you drive: Trespassing will not be tolerated: Must get with Oklahoma Leasing Agent to get land owners number for viewing Cattle possibly on property now or in the future Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7681 Adair County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8336/Adair-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This Adair County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease is 148-ac of pasture fields with cattle, timber, and some row crops on front section. The property lies on both sides of the road and that equals more opportunity for you. There is a patch of woods along the back of the row crops, I would look around there. There was a partial timber harvest on this property in around 2016, but the entire property was not cut, and there is still big timber here as you will find. Nice spot behind the barn I noted with several trails nearby. Cows do have a pretty sizable area to roam in that portion of your lease, but the deer don’t seem to mind. Landowner said to check out the property line area behind barn on south side as good deer have been seen in that area. **Numerous stands or blind locations on this farm** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **May be stands on property, use at own risk** **Cows do NOT have run of entire property, restricted to north side of road** **Working farm so leave the gates as you find them** Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8336 Berkeley County West Virginia Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8340/Berkeley-County-West Virginia-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a nice farm located in Berkeley County West Virginia. It is located only about 4.5 miles from I-81. The farm consists of mostly mature timber. A small area was clear-cut and allowed to grow back naturally (Only about 8-10 acres on the east side) around 2010. The property has two entrances, one from the north and one from the south. Several ATV trails are in existence to make access easy. The terrain of the property is slightly rolling hills with hollows and ridges. I found several oaks that should be dropping mast during season on this farm. There are some nice deer trails, especial along the creek bottoms and swamp areas. I did jump a little spike buck during the inspection in the middle of the day. *Property is located less than an hour from Winchester Virginia! *ATV use is OK for hunting purposes. Camping is allowed on the backside (southern end) of the property for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8340 Clinton County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8343/Clinton-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html Nice farm on the Clinton - Carroll County line. This farm is setup very nice. You can access from either side coming from the north. The cover consists of woods and overgrown scrub...lots of bedding area here. The creek is a seasonal creek, but landowner says it will hold water most of the time giving you a nice, central located water source for the wildlife. Plenty of food being surrounded by row crops and wood lots for seasonal browse. Landowner lives nearby and his brother does all the farming, so you can be sure they keep a eye out on your lease. Landowner has show cattle at the main farm down the road, and will bring some cows over to this farm around Thanksgiving time until April. You can still hunt, but he wants you to be aware that cows will be there for the winter months. ATV ok for hunting related purposes only Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8343 Seneca County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8346/Seneca-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Nice 77-acre property close to Bloomville Ohio. Good deer herd in this part of the county. I had deer crossing the road when I pulled up in the middle of the day. At the northeast corner is a creek corridor which should have some great rut action. Nice bottom to hunt here. Farm lane runs down west side of property ¾ of the way back to the woods on the south end. Good thick connecting tree-line on the east side. Nice stand-alone woods at south end with plenty of deer sign. Good connecting cover all around. This little spot could be a great sleeper. If you are from Michigan or northwest Ohio this could be the spot you are looking for in Ohio. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8346 Eau Claire County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8330/Eau Claire-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a great property in Eau Claire County that you will fall in love with more after every step you take! That is what I thought during my inspection of this property. Great trail system, what seemed like an endless amount of trails with old rubs and a great mix of agriculture, hard wood ridges and lower ground. Top that off with great landowners and potential for a house to stay in for an additional nightly fee. Picture of the 140" class 8 point is a buck the landowner shot on the property a few years ago. Landowner has been selectively cutting smaller pockets within the woods over the past few years which helps bring new growth but also potential for food plots. There were several other areas that also jumped out at me as potential food plot locations that were contained within the timbered ground. A small creek also runs through the property helping to provide everything game needs to thrive on this property. The landowners had been renting out the farm house on the property until recently and are strongly considering not doing so again to full time tenants. They are interested in renting this out for an additional nightly fee to whoever leases the property. Currently listing states no camping allowed but if the home is not available for you to rent out, they would entertain allowing camping. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease. Use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner as to where. Landowner would like to be notified prior to your visits to the property. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8330 Wayne County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8326/Wayne-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html I was blown away with this property guys! This is a Wayne County Tennessee Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease and should be a phenomenal hunt with the big timber, and bit of row crops, which are getting hit hard by the local herd. Look through the pics at the trails, beds, rubs and the wooded timberland. You’ll have to admit the property looks great. I bumped deer during my walk through. The sign is so easy to find here. There is ground on the other side of Beech Creek for you to hunt as well. We do have several properties in this area, and historically they are producing some good bucks here. I have seen 160” bucks taken from Wayne County in the past few years. There appears to be a good network of trails on the North side of road for you to get back into the property. Plenty of water, with a stream or two on the place including Beech Creek. Lots of road frontage for multiple entry points. Hunt high, low and everything in between. Get it now before it’s too late. **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **May be stands on property use at own risk** **You could food plot small un-cropped fields and openings** ** Responsible camping OK, lodging available in Waynesboro** Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8326 Hitchcock County Nebraska Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8331/Hitchcock-County-Nebraska-Hunting-Lease.html Almost 1100 acre fantastic looking western Nebraska ranch just south of the Republican River (known for monster whitetail).Great access to all parts of this lease allowing plenty of hunting locations for multiple hunters. Property contains a creek bottom down the center and hillside canyons out of the bottom. There are plenty of secluded pockets for game to feel secure. Deer in this type of Nebraska country are known to travel for miles to water, feed, and breed so there is always going to be a chance at buck here. I ran into 3 groups of turkey while inspecting, THIS PLACE WOULD BE A BLAST SPRING TURKEY! Some agriculture such as winter wheat, sorghum and milo will give hunters an opportunity to pattern deer and glass movements on the hillsides. Landowner says that there are mostly whitetail seen on this ranch but there are mule deer also in the area. Crop fields draw all of the wildlife to them. This a working cattle ranch, but there are some areas the cattle don’t have access to. Generally the cattle are moved out sometime in November Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8331 Norman County Minnesota Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6530/Norman-County-Minnesota-Hunting-Lease.html This lease on the Marsh River is one of the better leases I’ve viewed in Minnesota. The Marsh River bottom is literally the only timber for miles around, and this is where all of the deer in the area live. Every direction around this property is solid crop ground. This property has 46 acres of timber on it and the river flows through it in two different spots on the south side. This is a lease you should see plenty of deer every time you go hunting because the deer literally have nowhere else to go. While inspecting I jumped over 15 deer and noticed several nice buck rubs on this lease. There are mature trees in both blocks of timber and all along the south side of the property to hang stands in. I personally would love to be sitting on this river bottom with a set of rattling horns and my bow come the end of October, and I can’t imagine how many deer are traveling these bottoms during the gun season when they are getting moved around. There should also be some really good turkey action in the spring. It had snowed just 6 hours before I viewed this property and there were already deer trails, tracks and beds all over! Timber on this drainage rarely comes up for lease, so don’t let this one get away. This lease can be accessed from the north road, and there is also an old driveway on the East side that takes you all of the way to the SE corner. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6530 Creek County Oklahoma Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7138/Creek-County-Oklahoma-Hunting-Lease.html Here is an excellent all around 280 acre hunting property on the Deep Fork River. This place has everything needed to hold wildlife and there are signs to prove it. Deer, turkey tracks and trails everywhere day of inspection. Property consists of hardwood timber, ridges, water, river bottom, CRP, sloughs, scrub brush and overgrown trails. Should be great waterfowl hunting along with opportunity to shoot a wild hog not to mention excellent deer and turkey hunting. I’m betting if you pull driving directions and inspect this property, you will want to lease it. This property has been under management for wildlife for years. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7138 Marathon County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6683/Marathon-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Nice property for the father / son - daughter in Marathon County. As you can see by the aerial, timbered ground is on the eastern side but there is actually a nice road that runs through the timbered ground and appears to make somewhat of a funnel corridor for deer. There was certainly plenty of deer sign and rubs from last year that lead me to that conclusion during my inspection. Should be an easy property to set up stands and hunt. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping and food plots okay with permission from landowner as to where and when. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6683 Washburn County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7334/Washburn-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html What a pleasant surprise this property was. I did not have a lot of information to review prior to my visit other than general directions on how to find it. As I walked the property and jumped several deer including a nice buck, the property really started to grow on me. I can promise you this, due to the property being longer than it is wide, it just felt like a lot bigger property than 137 acres. As the sun was starting to set and I left the property I decided to drive around the block. I saw deer in almost every agricultural field which only help to support my generally positive vibe about this property. Access to property is on both the eastern and western sides of the property. I especially like the nice distance left open between the timbered and agricultural ground to help with access around them. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease only. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner but should be no till in nature. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities when weather and ground condition permit but no driving on crops until after harvested. No camping allowed. Cutting of brush and limbs to be minimal without affecting aesthetics of the property. Supply make and license plates of vehicles to Wisconsin Leasing Agent. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7334 St Lawrence County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7560/St Lawrence-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 332 acre hunting lease available for immediate lease in St. Lawrence County, New York. This property is located near Ogdensburg, New York (15 miles). The lease is a working beef farm. The property line has a double wired electric fence around it, to include the woods. During deer hunting season the cattle are pastured away from the woods. The woods is a nice mixture of cedar and hard/soft woods (150 acres). There is a small stream that flows through the woods, creating excellent hunting stand locations. The cedars are really thick and many of the deer in the area herd here for the winter. I have personally hunted coyotes in this woods and have seen huge flocks of turkey and deer. The landowner and his family reported seeing deer and turkey regularly in their cow pasture and yard. The main farm trail into the property is marked on the map I provided. There are several other trails you can use to help play the wind. They mow the hay fields in late July so as not to kill any fawns. I saw many deer tracks, trails and rubs. I was able to get a picture of a doe along the creek bank. ATV use is allowed for hunting purposes only. You must stay on established trails and remember to close all fence gates. Camping is allowed for hunting purposes only. Get with the landowner for parking spot. You can post the property if you like. There is a really nice deer herd in this area. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7560 Meigs County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8333/Meigs-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html This nice Meigs County Tennessee Deer and Turkey property is a 36-ac Archery Hunting Only lease made up of hardwoods, a few cedars, and small overgrown fields. Seemed to be a lot of deer traffic on this piece that I really liked. Trails and beds were noted during inspection. With the road frontage you can enter from several locations to your sets. You guys know the potential urban properties have to hold trophy bucks, right? Getting into the stand will be quick and productive here. Meigs County has good deer numbers for East Tennessee so no problem filling a freezer here either. Great spot for a couple of serious bow hunters or a parent/youth archery lease. **13 bucks with 11pts or better harvested in Meigs County in 2017** **Harvest numbers good at 992 in 2017** **Food Plots allowed** **Numerous stand locations noted during inspection** **May be stands on property, use at own risk** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8333 Meigs County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8334/Meigs-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html This lease is a 27-ac Archery Hunting Only lease made up of fields and a nice section of timber that has plenty of deer sign on it. Trails were evident as I made my way through the woods along North timbered section of the property. It’s obvious why the deer like this place, as you’ll see once you look at it. There is a spring and a pond on the property. It’s an urban type of hunt, and that’s where big bucks sometimes seek refuge guys and you know this. Nice spot, great landowners and close to town. Hard to beat the price as well! Get it before it’s gone. **13 bucks with 11pts or better harvested in Meigs County in 2017** **Harvest numbers good at 992 in 2017** **Food plots allowed, consult landowner please** **May be stands on property, use at own risk** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **Landowners home on property be aware of location** Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8334 Otsego County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7830/Otsego-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp Leasing has a 75 acre hunting lease available in Ostego County, New York. This property is located less than 7 miles from Oneonta, New York. The landowner purchase this property in 2008 primarily for potential gas rights. He is a non-hunter and has never given permission for anyone to hunt this property. The previous landowner was from NYC and used the property for hunting. He even put a cement pad down for his camper (see pic). On my inspection I saw awesome deer sign. The overgrown field in the front had at least 8 deer beds in it. This hunting lease was loaded with many fresh deer trails! The property has a ravine that runs north and south near the front. It has a small stream which was easy to cross. The property heads up hill once you get across stream. I found signs of several old logging trails to the north of the over-grown field. There are apple trees in several different areas of the property. The property is part of a big woods. I did not find any posted signs. There were remnants of an old fence on South border and a stone wall on North border. I also came across several other stone fences. The landowner will allow the leasers to enhance the property for hunting. The landowner will allow the leasers to open up an ATV trail to connect with the logging trails. You would be allowed to post the property and put in food plots. There is a locked barn by the cement pad that you can store several ATVs in. Camping and ATV use would be allowed for hunting purposes only. This is a great property that is loaded with deer sign! Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7830 Meigs County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8332/Meigs-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html This 31-ac Meigs County Tennessee Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease is a urban kind of property, but still allows for gun hunting since it's just outside the city limits. Good system of trails for you to get around towards the north end. There is an elevated platform stand that could use some repairs, but has a great vantage point to watch the field and wood line. Check out the woods along the property line to east, good bedding there and they are moving back and forth. Plenty of trails and sign to make anyone want to be here. Easy access from several locations. Hardwoods, pines and fields make up the property. Sweet spot for 3 hunters. **13 bucks with 11pts or better harvested in Meigs County in 2017** **Harvest numbers good at 992 in 2017** **Food plotting allowed** **Landowner on-site keeps an eye out, and please be aware of their home when setting up** **Gun Hunting allowed, outside of city limits** **Numerous stand locations noted during inspection** **May be stands on property, use at own risk** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **Do not block the gated Cellular site on the property** Saturday, 22 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8332 Adair County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8335/Adair-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Over here in Adair County is this sweet 59-ac Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease with nice cedars and hardwoods along the west side so check it out. The property will be an easy hunt and perfect for all. You can use about any method to hunt the property. Very nice trails seen just about any area I looked at. Some nice edges near the old house I’d set up. The fields are in good shape as well here. With the amount of sign, I saw it should make things interesting come November on the lease. I’ve seen some great bucks taken from Adair county guys so don’t miss this chance at an awesome piece prime for a big Kentucky Whitetail buck. I did see a few farms with crops in the area FYI. Please share the pictures this fall! **Numerous stand or blind locations** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only* **May be stands on property, use at own risk** **Local lodging in Columbia KY** Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8335 Nodaway County Missouri Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8324/Nodaway-County-Missouri-Hunting-Lease.html I don't get many Nodaway County Missouri farms in my system! Matter of fact the last Nodaway County listing I had, the hunter shot a 170+ class buck! Food for thought when looking for those diamond in the rough producing farms...Another thing to think about is this farm is within a five or six mile radius of the Iowa border! The creek that runs along the SW part of this farm is a big part of the travel corridor for the whole the valley in my book. Thus one can expect a big influx of cruising bucks during the rut. Cattle on the farm May-Sept Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8324 Monroe County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8325/Monroe-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Without a doubt the sweetest Monroe County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease I’ve set foot on yet! This 570-ac working farm has a few cows scattered across the lease, but should not be on the place during rifle season. With that said, with the few cows I saw during inspection I also bumped deer in the same area. Of course, I saw deer and turkey all over the piece, and this went on the entire time I was on the property. Jumped a nice buck, so check out the pic of him. Over 3 miles of roads lead back into the property that consists of hardwoods, pasture and hay fields on rolling farm land. Barren River circles the property on the large peninsula. Your neighbor has crops annually, as you can see be photos. You also have a creek that borders along the west side, with ponds and springs across the farm. The field with the doe and spike is planted in Gama grass. With the light hunting pressure in the past the door just opened for you to put a good one on the wall! If all goes well, this could become a lease you could keep for some time so don’t miss this opportunity. **Blue line is an easement road so be respectful please** **Never more than 4 people at one time have hunted the property in the past so light pressure here** **Enter from west side or east side in the lease** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **May be stands on property so use at own risk** **On-site landowner keeps her locked down and secured** **Please take any predator if you have a chance** Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8325 McDonough County Illinois Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8329/McDonough-County-Illinois-Hunting-Lease.html For only being 53-acres, this farm boasted a ton of deer sign throughout the farm, which the pictures will clearly indicate. I was very impressed with this farm and it was one of those farms, I just couldn’t wait to see more, while inspecting it. I probably jumped up ten to twelve deer and those were the ones I could see. The farm is made up of CRP, timber, yearly water, (creek running through the farm), and it’s bordered by row crops. Based on the amount of deer sign I found, along with the size of trees that were being rubbed, this farm has the potential to produce some very nice bucks. If this farm was about an hour closer to my home, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger and lease this farm. Request the driving directions and walk this farm for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I’m speaking of. *Lease runs from date leased through 30 March *4-wheeler use permitted for game retrieval only Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8329 Kalamazoo County Michigan Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7711/Kalamazoo-County-Michigan-Hunting-Lease.html This is one of those rare large farms in southern Michigan that has acreage in two great counties. The main farm is split down the middle on the Kalamazoo and Calhoun County line. If you were going to manage a farm for whitetail it would probably look a lot like this. The fields are all planted in row crops. There are deep tree lined ditches extending all throughout the property. Some of them have little 5 acre woodlots at the end of them. The west edge of the property has a 20 acre grassy sanctuary bordered by a mix of brush and large trees. That area is a twisted mix of hills a marshes. A nice 78 acre satellite farm is just a ½ mile to the east into Calhoun County. It is just far enough away to be hunting a different group of deer. This is a beautiful hilly property with interconnected wide tree lines crossing in both directions. The tree line down the middle is a double which is 50’ across. During inspection, I saw deer feeding in the fields and spooked a bunch of turkeys at several different locations. As I would expect there were a lot of tracks and old rubs. Camping and ATV use only during scouting and hunting. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7711 Bracken County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8323/Bracken-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html Here we go BCL members! This 109-ac Bracken County Kentucky Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease will be a blast for some lucky member. Jumped deer like rabbits on this property. You have 2 sides of road to hunt here. North side is timbered with thick to more open woods with some fields. The South is thick hardwoods with thick stands of cedars that boasted of deer traffic in them. Old logging road will get you down to Poe Creek where you border, and the sign was heavy there so check it out. Neighbor has a small patch of corn that’s getting ravaged by the local deer and other critters near your east line on south side of road. You could also tripod the power line that runs through the property as they are crossing it. Look along the creek bottom on the north side of lease too, as it’s seeing good use. Several spots on the ridge line behind the barn have pinch points…FYI. Excellent grasses in the fields and I noted some clover too. **Numerous stand locations across the property** **Closest lodging is in Brooksville KY** **ATV use OK, for hunting purposes only** **May be stands on property, use at own risk** Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8323 Price County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8327/Price-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html 280 acres in Price County Wisconsin, all legal game. I was truly amazed at the amount of deer sign I saw during my inspection. Trails and last years rubs seemed to be around every corner of the primary road through the property. The trail systems seemed to encompass almost every section of the property making great access for stand placement and game retrieval. There is also a several acres opening on higher ground in the center of the property that would make for a great food plot. I also loved that Hay Creek runs along the entire western boundary of the property. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping for hunting related activities is also okay. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner as to location of them. Landowner would like to be provided with make and license plates of your vehicles. Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8327 Lincoln County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8328/Lincoln-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html In the southwestern corner of Lincoln County, near the Taylor and Marathon County lines, lies this 320 acre all legal game hunting lease. I found the property to be very diverse with rolling hardwood ridges rolling down into more low land dense pockets that did also hold water. I mentioned to the landowner after my inspection at how beautiful the property was. He recently just purchased the land so not much Intel about it other than what I saw during my inspection. He did mention that the northwestern corner of the property was schedule to be logged sometime in the next 12 months. In my opinion this is a good thing as it should help create more access into and throughout that part of the property. Landowner is pretty open to any ideas you have in regards to making the property more accessible. I was able to follow an older logging road that came in off of the northeastern corner of the property but did not find much other than that. Property appears to have been selectively cut 15-20 years ago, so there must be other similar logging roads in various parts of the property, but if not landowner is good with you making four wheeler trails on your own. I have the property prices as such to account for any sweat equity you may have to put into it. Landowner did say that all of the corners were marked with flags, some of which I did find during my inspection. I truly believe that one could spend the better part of a day scouting this property and it should hunt big. With a little bit of work making four wheeler type trails, I think one will have a bargain priced lease. All legal game is yours to hunt. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Camping allowed for hunting related activities. Landowner is receptive to food plots but wants his approval in regards to where. Thursday, 20 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8328 Decatur County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8322/Decatur-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html Situated just outside Decaturville is this sweet 83-acre Decatur County Tennessee Deer and Turkey Hunting Lease. Your next-door neighbor is row cropping annually. There appears to be good deer traffic across the entire property with the number of trails and tracks I saw. I bumped deer in two different locations during my inspection, and I saw quail and dove as well. Property is a mix of hardwoods with thicker cover, cedar's and a little CRP. You will easily find where to set up for success this fall on a big Tennessee buck. The landowner planted a field for a dove shoot in 2018, so get it now to hunt right away. Great landowner, so you could be here for a few years of you choose. **Great county for big bucks, see my bio photo (DH)** ** ATV use okay, for hunting purposes only** ** May be stands on property, use at own risk** **You could continue the dove field in the future** **Only a few quail here so "No Hunting the Quail"** Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8322 Shelby County Kentucky Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7285/Shelby-County-Kentucky-Hunting-Lease.html This farm has not been leased before 2016. There was a state trooper neighbor that the landowner has been letting hunt for a few years. There was a 23 point buck living on this farm and the neighbor killed him. I have a picture but I am not allowed to post it without his permission. I was told it was 190". The farm used to be a cattle farm, but the landowner is getting too old to fool with them so he sold out. This is the reason for the lease..... Income. The fields are now cut for hay. There is so much clover here that if you do food plots you probably should do broadleaf or grain. They won't target a clover plot as there is no need to. There is a super road system around and through the farm done by a dozer. I drove all over it in my truck with the landowner. The landowner has been running 7 or 8 salt licks on the farm since he bought it in the 80s. He has been using just plain white salt, but the licks are well established. Put your own mix in and roll. There is a good roll all over the farm. There are a couple of creeks on the farm as well. All livestock are gone except some horses they have in the small field directly behind the house. No hunting around house or in horse pasture. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7285 Perry County Tennessee Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6575/Perry-County-Tennessee-Hunting-Lease.html This Perry County Tennessee hunting lease is certain to be just what you’re looking for. It is planted in pines at the perfect stage for some first class deer and turkey action. There are a few hardwoods in the mix, and one section was cut and allowed to return as such. On inspection I found a mineral site that’s being pounded. There are plenty of rubs and trails throughout, and I bumped a couple of deer. Fire breaks will allow you great access when it comes time to haul them out. The property lays very well and there is no shortage of good stand locations. Perry County always boasts good deer numbers and some real wall hangers are taken from year to year. This property borders #6576 and putting them together would create a total of 157 acres of prime hunting ground. **Local lodging available in Linden** Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6575 Franklin County Kansas Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6169/Franklin-County-Kansas-Hunting-Lease.html Here is a nice little two man spot nestled back in a bend of the Marais des Cynge River. This one seems like a no brainer for anybody looking for a cheap, all around good little property. It should be good for deer, turkey and waterfowl. Plus, do not forget the fishing. Ottawa Creek feeds into the river from the north. I would love to spend a weekend running limb lines on the river, and camping on the sand bar. This time of year is also great for bow fishing. Only about one hour from downtown Kansas City!!! Deer unit 11. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6169 Iowa County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7322/Iowa-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Just north of Dodgeville is where you will find this 125 acre Iowa County Deer and Turkey hunting lease. A large pond is in the center of the valley with hardwood timber ridges running along each side. Miles and miles of roads will make for easy and quiet access for putting up stands and game retrieval. Several apple trees were found during my inspection along with numerous mature white oak trees. Landowner has allowed only minimal hunting on this property over the past decade and has now decided to lease it through Base Camp. The landowner owns approximately another 50 acres surrounding his house and buildings that is not included in the lease nor will there be any hunting allowed on it by anyone. The blue line easement shown is on a portion of this acreage and is thus how you enter the 125 acre lease. You are allowed to park your vehicles on this portion of his property that is not included in the hunting lease. This is a deer and turkey hunting lease only. Respectful use of ATV for hunting related activities is okay. Food plots are allowed with permission from landowner in regards to where and what. No camping is allowed on the property. No fishing is allowed as landowner reserves this for his family. He also does not want you to pick any mushrooms or ginseng. Landowner would like to be contacted prior to each visit to the property and also supplied with the make and license plates of your vehicles. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7322 Richland County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8312/Richland-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html Proven big buck producing property in Richland County. What a great setting this property sits on at the end of dead end road. The farm has been in same family for 2 generations and their hunting numbers have been decreasing, thus why landowner has decided to allow a few hunters a chance to lease this special property. The bucks pictured in the listing have been taken off of the property recently, so good chance this caliber of bucks are still roaming the property today. The majority of timbered ground is not pastured other than some on the eastern side along portions of the creek pictured in the listing. Found a few places in timber where food plots could be placed and landowner may be willing to help you out with this for an additional fee. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer landowner but this is his first time leasing and thus some of his requirements might seem a bit restrictive but I have no doubt that once he gets to know you, some of these may ease a bit. He owns a total of 220 acres, thus your neighbor to the east and south of this lease is the same person who owns this 85 acre parcel. Please contact Wisconsin Leasing Agent prior to inspecting property as landowner would like to meet with you. This is an archery deer hunting lease only. This includes both the early and late deer archery seasons but early archery season rights end the Sunday prior to opening day of rifle season so the property can settle a bit. Landowner is open to allowing you to spring turkey hunt but has a few folks who have turkey hunted for many years and he is unsure of what seasons they have, so if allowed would have to work around them. With 6 total spring seasons for turkey, pretty sure something can be worked out. Food plots allowed with permission from landowner as to where. Use of ATV for hunting related activities okay when weather and ground conditions permit. No camping allowed at this time. Provide landowner with make and license plate of your vehicles and he would appreciate being contacted prior to your visits. Lastly, in true QDM principles, landowner would like for each hunter to harvest at least one antlerless deer. They have been practicing this for many years and need help keeping the buck to doe ratio balanced. Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8312 Cattaraugus County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/3601/Cattaraugus-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html Base Camp leasing has a 110 acres hunting lease available for immediate lease in Cattaraugus County, New York. Buffalo, New York is about 60 miles.The lease has excellent established trails. The property runs uphill from the road to a hilltop which is about in the middle of the property. This 110 acre tract contains a small overgrown area near the road, with the rest of the acreage consisting of northern hardwood timber in a variety of age classes. Active agricultural land in area. There was plenty of visible deer sign on my inspection. You can post the property if you desire. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 3601 Cayuga County New York Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/5064/Cayuga-County-New York-Hunting-Lease.html 83 acres in Cayuga County New York. Property consists of 30+/- acres of mixed hardwoods and multiple hedgerows. Surrounding acreage is comprised of corn and alfalfa fields. There is a small area on the north side of the road where deer filter into the crops from nearby wooded areas. Turkeys are common on this parcel. Landowner has requested hunters attempt to keep the doe population in check. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 5064 Starke County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6218/Starke-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html This is a nice little farm across the road from the Tippecanoe River State Park. This farm has a really nice setup for you to set tree stands along the north side creek, or thick cover bordering the State Park. Look at the aerial of this property and you can see the potential. I saw 5 deer while inspecting and if your looking for a good place to hunt or even a backup property, check this one out. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6218 Greene County Indiana Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7777/Greene-County-Indiana-Hunting-Lease.html This is a great little Midwest hunting lease right here. Greene County is known throughout Indiana as one of the best places to go! This farm has great bedding cover spread throughout the entire property, and with the crop ground less than a mile away you should be able to catch them coming back to bed in the mornings and heading back in the evenings. I jumped 5 deer up behind the barn and 3 more out of the overgrown field in the back. They are using this farm and it has enough cover and food to hold them here all season long. Landowner is going to be great to work with and is very excited to have someone utilizing their resources. This farm has multiple places for some good food plot areas as long as you get approval from landowner first. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7777 Waushara County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7813/Waushara-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html 129 Acres in Waushara County WI. This is an opportunity for a “Deer Hunting Lease Only”, all seasons, in one of the higher deer density counties in the state. This property has a good mix of pines, mature oaks, open areas, crop ground and the Mecan River running through it. This property has great accessibility from the north and the south making it easy to get to stands with different winds. Lots of trails and beds were observed during my inspection. No doubt that the deer are using the river bottom for a travel corridor. There is lots of edge areas for stand locations also. Several small clearings in the woods will make perfect ambush spots. . There is a possibility of organic crops in the future. There is a power line that bisects the property in the northwest corner. Lodging and dining are only minutes away from this property. The landowner would like to meet with lessees. The landowner would like models of vehicles and license plate numbers. Access to property is only allowed from August 1st through February 28th with all equipment, including deer stands to be removed by February 28th. Parking is allowed along the road on the north and south sides of the property. Do not block any field entrances. 20-25 acres of the CRP ground was planted into row crops (soybeans) for 2018. Some habitat improvement operations were completed in 2018 The landowner may cut some firewood and do some hiking on the property. Trapping may occur on the property. No ATV's. No camping, no fires, no food plots are allowed. No screw in steps, nails, or screws are allowed. Tree trimming for stand sites should be kept to a minimum and no large shooting lanes are allowed. No field dressing of animals on the property. No pets. No smoking. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7813 Floyd County Virginia Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/7832/Floyd-County-Virginia-Hunting-Lease.html This Floyd County Virginia property is 100% wooded with the access road running through the center of the tract. Several old logging roads exist to make setup and game removal easy. The property is made up of rolling hills/ridges. Nothing on this property is steep. The timber is primarily mature with some oaks being present mainly on the southwest side of the property. During my inspection I encountered a bachelor group of 3 bucks crossing the access road from the north to the south. I found several well used trails which can be seen in the pictures. I also discovered several old rubs from previous season and some that were recent. This county has become one of the top counties west of the Blue Ridge for trophy class bucks. **THIS LEASE IS IN THE ONLY COUNTY WEST OF THE BLUE RIDGE THAT HAS A 4 WEEK RIFLE SEASON. **Sunday Hunting Allowed. **ATV and Camping is OK for hunting purposes only. Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 7832 Seneca County Ohio Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8321/Seneca-County-Ohio-Hunting-Lease.html Nice 80 acres north of Tiffin Ohio, and just off the Sandusky River. Good connecting cover in area, and small creek runs through the east section. Grass buffers along woods. Fields are in hay and row crops. Don’t overlook the fence rows on the west side of property. Plenty of tracks shows deer are using them. Also, there is a nice thick little bedding area behind the barn along the road. North east field is hidden from prying eyes, so deer should be out early here. Tiffin State Hospital and Development Center has a few hundred acres to the south that is a no hunting zone. I included a picture of three good bucks taken by the neighbors on just one gun hunt. Make sure you check this property out if you are looking in this area. Some great bucks get killed here. Respectful ATV use for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8321 Chester County Pennsylvania Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/4927/Chester-County-Pennsylvania-Hunting-Lease.html This is a great waterfowl lease on the Chester/Lancaster County line. Working amish dairy farm, all agricultural land, corn, alfalfa, wheat, and pasture. Great creek running through pasture/meadow plus a pond. There were at least 100+ geese and ducks on the creek during inspection. This farm is all fields (no woods) but the deer hunting rights also go with this lease. Landowner's son killed a nice 9 point in the field this year and they see deer all the time. A few places a ground blind could be set up. Saturday, 15 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 4927 Dunn County Wisconsin Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/6138/Dunn-County-Wisconsin-Hunting-Lease.html For those of you who have never visited Dunn County or considered it for your whitetail hunting destination, my suggestion is for you to start putting it near the top of your list. In my opinion there is nothing like the bluff country for excellent deer numbers and trophy bucks. This property is owned by the same person as that of Base Camp Lease 6125 and is right across the road from it. The bucks pictured were taken off the property in recent years and are examples of what you can expect to see when hunting this property. I also have no doubt that even larger bucks roam this farm. Great mix of timbered and ag ground and an excellent road system should make for some really great days in the stand during the rut. The other little secret about the "bluff" country is the actual acreage on the property is just so much more than it is when compared to other parts of the state, thus 125 acres will truly hunt much bigger than that. This is a spring turkey hunt weeks 1-4 and archery deer hunting lease only. Landowner's family has hunted the gun deer seasons for many years, but the group is getting smaller and he has decided it is time to share the property with other hunters. He does have a niece and nephew who may gun hunt during the youth weekend in mid October, so those days are not including in the archery deer portion of this lease. Landowner has had some logging done in the past 2 years and thus new browse growth is already started which will not only provide a food source but additional cover as well. Respectful use of ATV for stand placement and game retrieval allowed. Food plots okay with landowner permission as to where and what. Landowner would like make of vehicles and license plate numbers so he can watch over things when you are not there. Camping not allowed. If you want to add more land to your hunting lease, property #6125 is right across the road from this property should it be available. Please contact Wisconsin Leasing Agent prior to your visit for landowner name and phone number as he would like to meet with you and show you the property. Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 6138 Person County North Carolina Hunting Lease http://www.basecampleasing.com/8316/Person-County-North Carolina-Hunting-Lease.html This is a nice little Person County property. It consists of about 50/50 planted pines to mature hardwoods. A pond is located near the center of the property and has a small branch feeding it. A gated road accesses the property to the pond. I found several good trails working across the property during the inspection. I also jumped a couple deer bedded at the head of the pond. ATV and camping are acceptable for hunting purposes only. Tuesday, 11 September 2018 00:00:00 EST 8316