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Tennessee Hunting Lease Map
Tennessee Hunting Lease Map

Tennessee has become one of the best all around hunting destinations in the Eastern US. With such a diverse habitat all varieties of game thrive. From elk and black bear to quail and grouse TN has it all. Tennessee's whitetail deer population is over 1 million strong. With a harvest of 200,000 deer each year, everyone has an opportunity for success. Tennessee also has a 2 buck limit. This enables you to better manage your deer herd by culling a buck you don't want, while still having a tag for the big one. Over the counter tags are also a plus. No waiting to see if you were drawn.

40,000 turkeys harvested a year shows the turkey population is thriving, a rabbit hunter last year averaged 3 rabbits a trip, and Tennessee ranks 7th in the nation in waterfowl harvest. A Tennessee lease is not just a deer lease, it's a hunting lease.


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