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Looking for Great Hunting Land to Lease?

Come to Texas!

Counties With Leases
Counties With Available Leases
Texas Hunting Lease Map
Texas Hunting Lease Map

Everything is bigger in Texas, and our deer are no exception.

Over the counter resident and non-resident tags and Base Camp Leasing will make it easy for everyone to enjoy the Texas outdoor experience with family and friends. Texas is 97% privately owned and leasing has been a way of life for over 80 years. Texas hunting leases are almost always secured with fences and locked gates.

The hunter gets a lot for their Texas lease dollar with a three-five month long deer season, year round feral hogs (some over 300 pounds) and fishing opportunities. Some ranches offer the bonus of javelina, quail, dove, turkey, antelope, mule deer or exotics. Texas has something exciting for every hunter. The current estimated whitetail population is holding steady at around 4 million which allows for liberal bag limits of 4 or 5 deer in most counties. Almost half the counties have antler restrictions which have improved the average age and quality of bucks in recent year. Licenses may be obtained over the counter or online at a fair price.


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