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Eastern Pennsylvania Leasing Agent

Derrick Williams is the Eastern Pennsylvania lease agent for Base Camp Leasing. Derrick was raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, where his love of the outdoors and hunting began. He earned an Environmental Science degree from Mansfield University, which he uses during his full-time position as an Environmental Compliance Manager.

Derrick enjoys working with landowners to ensure environmental protections are carried out on their properties during development of large energy projects. Working with farmers and government agencies to preserve and protect the environment has helped him understand the importance of communication. Communication will be at the forefront while working with Derrick. His honest, straight forward, no-nonsense approach aims to ensure both parties come together with the same expectations.

Since Pennsylvania enacted its antler point restriction law back in 2002, the improvement and quality of its deer herd have significantly strengthened. Large, mature bucks continue to be harvested each year as a result, leaving hunters in neighboring states wishing for the same protections. Leasing your property in this portion of the state is almost a sure thing. With a deep-rooted hunting tradition, Pennsylvania hunting leases buy up quickly and are renewed often.

For information regarding Eastern Pennsylvania hunting leases, feel free to contact Derrick at (570) 423 2859.

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