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Wisconsin Leasing Agent

Steve lives in Central Wisconsin and has worked for a major automotive parts manufacturer in various management positions for going on his 30th year with the company. He is a graduate of Marian College with a degree in Operations Management. Steve is married to his wife Heather and they share five children, one grandson and a second on the way.

Steve grew up on a dairy and hog farm, but had a father who loved the outdoors and always found time to share that with his children. This passion for the outdoors was certainly passed down to Steve, who in turn has found great joy doing the same with his children.

Steve has hunted whitetails in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota and Alberta over the past 35 years. He currently has leases in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. He has also hunted elk and mule deer in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and Montana, and caribou in Alaska, all DIY. Prior to joining Base Camp as the Leasing Agent for Wisconsin, Steve scouted thousands of acres on his own and truly enjoys that aspect of the hunt almost as much as the hunt itself.

When Steve first started hunting whitetails in Wisconsin more than 35 years ago, bragging rights were not typically how big a buck you shot, but how many you got. On the rare occasion someone actually got a 2 year old buck, they were the talk of the town. Thanks to QDM and a younger generation of hunters wanting the challenge of harvesting a mature whitetail, the quality and age structure has improved dramatically, especially over the past 15 years. Buffalo County tends to get all the press, but there are plenty of quality whitetails present throughout the state and getting better every year.

Steve passionately believes that the future of hunting is dependent on finding ways to engage the younger generation, which is one of the primary reasons he decided to join Base Camp Leasing as the Wisconsin Leasing Agent. Bringing together hunters with landowners is a big part of that and from which Steve hopes to bring his years of experience and honest assessments of properties to all parties involved.

Steve can be reached at any time to answer your questions about a Wisconsin hunting lease at (715) 281-8914.

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