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Looking for an Kansas Hunting Lease?

You've Come to the Right Place.

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Kansas Hunting Lease Map
Kansas Hunting Lease Map

A Kansas hunting lease offers some of the most diverse hunting opportunities available to the sportsman. We have whitetail and mule deer, Eastern and Rio Grande turkey, upland and waterfowl hunting. If you haven't experienced Kansas hunting, it's time you gave it a try.

If You've Been Looking at Texas Deer Hunting Leases, Consider Kansas Hunting Leases Instead!

Many sportsmen who have used hunting leases in Texas are beginning to realize the size and quality of Kansas deer. They find that hunting leases in Texas do not offer comparable sport. If you want to make the record book, you may find yourself heading north. For that fair chase hunt of a lifetime, come to Kansas!

As mentioned, Kansas offers both the Rio Grande turkey in the western and central part of the state and Easterns in the eastern part of the state. Two tags are offered over the counter that can be filled in a single day. Our hunters find that hunting leases in Texas cost more and yield lower quality deer. Many are willing to drive to a Kansas hunting lease for conditions that allow for a better hunting experience.

The western 1/3 of the state offers great mulie hunting – so good, in fact, we think it compensates for the difficulty in obtaining a non-resident mule deer tag. If you do draw a tag (available for muzzleloader only) you can expect a hunt to remember.

Kansas upland game hunting has a reputation of its own. Bobwhite quail and ringneck pheasant can commonly be found in the same habitat in the great state of Kansas. Get the most use out of your Kansas hunting lease by bringing a bird dog for a hunt after you take your trophy whitetail. You may never go back to Texas deer hunting leases after you try a lease in Kansas!.


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